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The use of the carpet probably originated in Asia, from nomadic populations who initially used this decorated mat to warm themselves from the cold and subsequently to decorate and warm the floor. Today the carpet is a fundamental piece of furniture in the living area. Designed to give a welcoming atmosphere and a touch of color, it must be immersed in the style of the room, creating a harmonious environment with the colors and the pattern of the elements already present.

The carpet must also have the right proportions. This choice depends primarily on the size of the room and the furniture. The ideal length should be 15-25 cm more than that of the sofa, in case it is used as an underlying element.

Otherwise, if you enjoy a large living room, a large central carpet is preferable that does not touch the sofas, but leaves the passage and the floor free.

Wool rugs, when to choose them

Wool is one of the oldest fibers used in the making of carpets. In addition to giving a feeling of warmth to the room, it is characterized by its resistance and elasticity, even when twisted.

Wool is also a natural and sustainable element. In fact, it comes from the fleece of the sheep and if properly treated it is not very polluting and recyclable. Choosing a wool rug is certainly a choice that adapts to a classic environment, but also a modern one that is not necessarily too refined.

It is therefore ideal even for children, given its ease of washing.

Cotton rugs, when to choose them

Like wool, cotton is also a natural fiber but of plant origin. Obtained from the cotton plant, the fabric obtained from this fiber is light, easily washable, breathable and soft.

The cotton rug is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers due to its practicality and lightness during washing. The cotton also allows a wide customization allowing you to always give the right touch to your room.

Viscose and synthetic rugs, when to choose them

Another choice is viscose. A synthetic fabric that gives the carpet a particularly shiny appearance and vivid colors. It has a light weight and is very soft to the touch. Viscose rugs are certainly ideal for a modern setting, especially if you have to use several colors.

Unlike the previous ones, it needs more care due to its slightly reduced resistance.

Wool, cotton, viscose rugs online

Choosing your own carpet for the hall is a selection to be made carefully. Through our online experience you can take advantage of our advice. We will help you select the most suitable carpet, fabrics and colors for your home. Discover our collection of carpets!



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