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The bedroom is the place of relaxation and rest par excellence, where you can make your dreams come true. It is therefore necessary to accompany sleep with a design bed, which knows how to combine style and comfort in a single product. The Natuzzi beds are precisely designed to satisfy the deepest sleeps and the most refined styles thanks to our team of designers and the Italian craftsmanship that takes care of every detail of the product guaranteeing the classic made in Italy quality.

Thus was born our collection of beds where it is possible to find beds with storage, leather beds, fabric beds with a classic or contemporary style.

Design double beds

The choice of the double bed is an important choice in which it is necessary to take into account the size of the room in order not to buy a bed that is too big or too small for the environment, thus resulting disproportionate.

Double beds are available in multiple sizes to select from thus allowing a better choice for your room:

french double bed cm 140 x 190 / 200
double bed queen size cm 150 x 190 / 200
double bed standard cm 160 x 190 / 200
doubled king size cm 180 / 190 / 200 x 190 / 200

Another feature to take into consideration is not only the size of the mattress but the actual size of the bed structure. In fact, for a small room, a more contained minimal bed is recommended. Otherwise, if you enjoy a large room, you can opt for a bed with a worked headboard like a double bed with a capitonn√© headboard.

Modern design beds

The continuous stylistic research of our team of designers allows us to combine the artisan tradition of the past with the innovation of the future. This is how beds with a contemporary design are born where every detail and stitching are the result of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

The harmony, colors and shapes of our land have always guided us in the creation of our products, thus generating furniture with a modern style with an Apulian heart.

Design beds in our shop online

Choosing your own double bed is a selection to be made carefully. Through our online experience you can take advantage of our advice. We will help you select the bed and the most suitable coverings for your home. Discover our collection!


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