Natuzzi and leather have always gone hand in hand. This natural affinity has been part and parcel of the success of the Natuzzi collections since the very beginning. Imitated in vain by our competitors, Natuzzi leather is a benchmark for the industry and recognised for its superiority all over the world. Its beauty, suppleness, colour and even its scent have raised the bar in terms of visual elegance and pleasure for the senses. Being a living material, leather literally breathes.

And it does not feel the need to disguise its natural markings. As a matter of fact, it puts them on proud display, proffering them as incontrovertible proof of its authenticity. At Natuzzi, this kind of worn leather forged by nature is (aptly) called Natural. It is a source of pride for our experienced master tanners who enhance each detail with consummate skill, relying on an exclusive tanning process developed over the course of 60 years.

The leather is not only beautiful to look at, it has also been processed to meet European environmental standards which are amongst the most stringent in the world. This is why it offers a guarantee of complete non-toxicity and durability over time. But the advantages don’t stop here. To cope with the many challenges of daily life, you can count on the practical nature of Protecta leathers - the ultimate way to enjoy sofa lounging without worries. An invisible protective layer makes them incredibly hardwearing whilst preserving all their natural beauty. Which ensures total peace of mind while children and pets get on with doing what they do.


NOTE: The leathers are grouped by numbered categories which can be viewed on this page next to the leather name. The price of the final product will vary according to the selected category.

We also inform, that there may be some slight differences in color and grain from the sample displayed online and the physical sample, due to the monitor parameter settings.



The ultimate choice for lovers of leather and its undeniable allure. Not only does this material withstand the test of time, it actually looks better as the years roll by.

A wide array that is bound to satisfy the whole gamut of style and usage requirements.


SAN MARCO - categoria 10

This leather is finished for color and its grain is buffed and embossed. The thickness is from 1.3 to 1.5 mm. Art. Sanmarco has a full hand and a semi-shiny appearance.

With this leather we aim to meet the needs of those that request a particularly active lifestyle.  




LE MANS - categoria 15

This leather, has natural grain, with light buffed process and a very light translucent finish for color. Being a natural grain article, differences in grain are acceptable.

The thickness is from 1.1 – 1.3 mm. Its main characteristics are the extremely soft hand and the touch are slightly fat, but appreciable. Other natural characteristics such as scars, vein, insect bites, etc. are also visible on this article.




A selection marked by a strong focus on style. With fashionable hues and innovative designs, it explores inspirations and trends coming from all over the world.

A perfect way to elevate your sofa with grit and personality.


STATUS - categoria 25

This leather is lightly finished for color. It is a full shrunken grain that is also lightly protected. The thickness is from 1.3-1.5 mm. Even though this article is "protecta" the grain is natural because it is not embossed nor buffed, therefore the grain remains full.

The principal characteristics are the soft feel and the thickness and different grain. You achieve a shrunken grain by not stretching the leather during the drying process thus raising the grain.


 STROMBOLI - categoria 30

This leather has a contemporary look with a natural and small grain. The thickness is from 1,0 to 1,2 mm. The principal characteristics of this leather is extremely soft and has a velvety touch. Even if it is slightly buffed, Stromboli is leather that preserves all the natural characteristics such as scars, veins, wrinkles and grain differences. 

Some differences in tone are acceptable because Stromboli has a light finishing.

MISTERBIANCO - categoria 30

MISTERBIANCO is a leather lightly finished for color, with the thickness from 1.8 to 2.0 mm. Its principal characteristic - in addition to the thickness - is the very large, irregular grain which particularly gives full-bodied feel and a great look to the article. 

The scars or wrinkles are considered absolutely normal for this article hence they may be visible on different parts of the product.


Leathers made for customers who want exclusive coverings and timeless elegance. They embody all that Natuzzi stands for not only in terms of quality.


SIENA - categoria 40
 This leather is pure aniline. As a pure aniline, the grain is also natural and full/pure.
 The thickness is from 1,3 - 1,5 mm. The principal characteristic of this article other than its soft and full hand, is the waxy and semi-glossy look.
This leather has a very compact fibre structure and smooth look because it was vacuum dried during the tanning process.
Being a natural and unfinished leather, this article may have color variations in tone.
In addition there may also be color variations from dye lot to dye lot which is absolutely normal.
CASSIDY - categoria 60
Cassidy is a natural grain pure aniline leather. Its thickness range is approximately 3 mm and due to its thickness can only be used on certain models. 

The article has a velvety touch and a matte-nabuk appearance. Due to its being very natural you can easily spot very large and marked grain and low grain and differences in tonalities depending on the part of the hide. Presence of large scars are also very normal due to the naturalness of this article.

The hides used for this article are of northern Europe origin and Italy.

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