Made in Italy leather armchairs in our online shop

The armchair, together with the sofa, is one of the furnishing accessories dedicated to relaxation, comfort or simple conversation. An element to be chosen carefully based on its function and the design of the house. In fact, if the armchair has the function of spending time in front of the TV or in the company of a good book, it is good that it is spacious and sturdy. The most suitable models in this case are certainly the armchairs with recliner or the classic re-vive armchairs. On the other hand, if the function of the accessory is to fill an empty space in the house or an entrance, the ideal is a design conversation armchair. In leather or fabric, it will be important to combine it with the tones of your environment, creating a harmonious and pleasant space.

Relaxing leather armchairs

The reclining armchairs are designed for those who want to obtain maximum comfort in the smallest space. Ideal for your living area but also for professional environments, they are available in leather or fabric with electric or battery-operated mechanism depending on the model selected. Characteristic is our Re-vive Quilted King armchair, an icon of Natuzzi innovation, which moves and adapts according to the movements of the body, making every change fluid and natural.

Thanks to its soft padding, it allows maximum comfort to be fully enjoyed at the end of each day.

Armchairs in white leather

Ideal for minimal, classic or modern environments, the white leather armchair is one of the must-haves of furniture that becomes a highly versatile and durable element even in the case of a change of style of your space. Also in this case it will be necessary to choose the right model among those present in our collection of armchairs, in which it will be possible, depending on the model, any stitching or contrasting edges for a truly unique complement.

Designer leather armchairs

To enrich small spaces, entrances, or living areas with a minimal design, the conversation design armchairs are the perfect element. Made in Italy armchairs designed by famous designers who endure workmanship or quilting on the back like our Cassia armchair, or smooth, with a soft and comfortable appearance for a simpler design environment.

Leather armchairs online

Choosing your own leather or fabric armchair is a selection to be made carefully. Through our online experience you can take advantage of our advice. We will help you select the most suitable armchair and upholstery for your home. Discover our armchair's collection!


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