Pelli Natuzzi



Natuzzi and leather have always gone hand in hand.


This natural affinity has been part and parcel of the success of the Natuzzi collections since the very beginning. Imitated in vain by our competitors, Natuzzi leather is a benchmark for the industry and recognised for its superiority all over the world. Its beauty, suppleness, colour and even its scent have raised the bar in terms of visual elegance and pleasure for the senses.


Being a living material, leather literally breathes. And it does not feel the need to disguise its natural markings. As a matter of fact, it puts them on proud display, proffering them as incontrovertible proof of its authenticity. Using an exclusive tanning process developed over a period of 60 years, our master tanners enhance each single detail with consummate skill.


The leather is not only beautiful to look at, it has also been processed to meet European environmental standards which are some of the strictest in the world. This is why Natuzzi leather is a guarantee of complete  non-toxicity and resistance over time.




These are worn leathers forged by nature which proudly show their marks of authenticity. They are masterpieces created by skilled tanners who pass down from generation to generation an ability to preserve all the intrinsic beauty of the leather while enhancing the products and making them instantly recognisable.





Protecta leathers are the ideal coverings for carefree sofa loungers. An invisible protective layer makes them incredibly hardwearing whilst preserving all their natural beauty. Which ensures total peace of mind while children or pets enjoy the texture of leather.




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