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Reclining armchairs, also commonly called relax armchairs, are increasingly appreciated for their comfort that does not neglect design and good taste. These furnishing accessories are in fact ideal for reading a good book, watching a movie or for welcoming elderly people or people with disabilities.

The careful selection of our materials and the continuous aesthetic research of Natuzzi armchairs gives life to a collection of reclining armchairs with a classic and modern taste, customizable in both leather and fabric in multiple fashion colors.  

Reclining armchairs in leather

The most used coating, certainly easy to manage and which guarantees greater durability, is leather. Available in neutral colors or in fashionable colors such as green, red or blue, it can thus give the right style to your recliner, adapting it to the rest of the environment and to your taste.

It will also be essential to choose the right grain of the material. Full-grain leather is certainly the finest, through which it is possible to grasp some natural details such as imperfections, small cuts and original color shades.

Reclining office armchairs

Even in the workplace, relaxation is a fundamental moment to recharge your energy. The reclining armchairs can therefore be used in the office, for a nap during lunch breaks with companions for a chat with colleagues. In this case it will be essential to choose the model correctly which will have to maintain an elegant and composed appearance once closed. Ideal in these environments are the re-vive armchairs that easily adapt to the moments of your body, while maintaining an elegant and versatile style.  

Recliners online

Choosing your own recliner in leather or fabric is a selection to be made carefully. Through our online experience you can take advantage of our advice. We will help you select the most suitable armchair and upholstery for your home. Discover our collection!



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