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The leather sofa, the great classic of the living area, is offered in a vast assortment that includes 2-seater sofas, 3-seater sofas, corner sofas and in general modular sofas according to your needs. The result is a unique product that becomes the protagonist of the room, embellished by the typical made in Italy manufacturing that grants value and attention to every type of detail. Different types of leather to choose from for the upholstery. Neutral in color for a classic white leather sofa or in bolder colors such as red, blue or green. Not only colors but also different types of thickness and grain characterize our samples, thus giving the product a unique and totally personal aspect.

2 seater leather sofas

The smaller sized sofa, ideal for apartments, embellishing small spaces or as a comfortable loveseat for waiting rooms. A sofa that in its simplicity can be very versatile and functional thanks to the possibility of adding different optionals thus creating sofas with recliner, sofa beds or with comfortable chaise longue. The leather upholstery will make this product valuable and durable over time for 100% Italian design comfort.

Modern leather sofas

The contemporary minimal style of our sofa collection is covered with a classic upholstery: leather. A material that comes from the past but that becomes modern thanks to the new fashion colors, while retaining its ancient characteristics of elegance, durability and value. Another key feature in the choice of leather is the hand of the material which must be soft to the touch but resistant at the seams. A good leather that can also be recognized by its natural appearance, where scratches or imperfections can often be seen due to its natural conformation and which for this reason make each sofa a unique piece.

Corner sofas in leather

Dedicated to unrivaled relaxation, the corner sofa or sofa with terminal exploits the potential of the living area to the full, allowing you to fully enjoy your environment, of any size. The corner sofas are in fact suitable for large living rooms but also for entrances, studios or studios where, especially in the latter case, the sofa bed function can be associated. The leather upholstery exudes a vintage soul that brings the design piece back from a contemporary style to a more classic soul.

Leather sofas online

The choice of your leather sofa is a selection to be made carefully. Through our online experience you can take advantage of our advice. We will help you select the sofa and the most suitable upholstery for your home. Discover the collection!

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